Autumn Activities in Tokyo: A Guide to a Fun-filled Fall

Autumn in Japan is an exciting time for the locals to enjoy picturesque autumn foliage, indulge in the delicious, seasonal comfort food, and spend time outdoors before the chill of winter time comes. Here is our guide of things to do this autumn to enjoy like the locals do!

1. Seasonality is a very important part of Japanese culture and food plays a big role. Eat warm and seasonal Japanese comfort food that is known to be enjoyed the most during this time of year such as baked sweet potato, grilled sanma with grated daikon, matsutake mushrooms, roasted chestnuts, persimmon, and freshly harvested rice.

2. Go on a camping trip in cool, crisp weather before winter. Camping is a popular past time for many Japanese, even in one of the world’s most busiest cities! There are many campgrounds outside of Tokyo but quite a few within it as well. We recommend Hikawa Camp-Jo, a spacious campsite by a serene stream and just 5 minutes from Okutama Station. Price: 700 JPY per adult, per night.

3. Check out an Autumn Omatsuri! Autumn offers many interesting festivals and ceremonies in Tokyo from tea ceremonies, traditional dance festivals (Ikebukuro’s Tokyo Yokasoi), and the Oeshiki Festival, a buddhist festival that commemorates the life of Saint Nichiren. /

4. Taste a variety of top-rated ramen from all over Japan at the Tokyo Ramen Show. It is the largest outdoor festival dedicated to ramen where you can learn about the different regional ramen ingredients and techniques. Come with an appetite! From October 27th -November 6th.

5. And of course, enjoy the colorful autumn foliage at the many natural spots throughout the city. Recommended spots for an unforgettable sight are:

 Koishikawa Korakuen

Shinjuku Gyoen

Icho Namiki (Gingko Avenue)

Mount Takao

Rikugien to enjoy the stunning gardens by day, and evening autumn illuminations by night.

We hope that your autumn is filled with delicious food and fun activities. Happy Fall!



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