Saladサラダ Night at Happy House Vitamin Color

Our lovely houses members Nsan received  from lots of Japanese smoked ham and salmon and Ksan from Poland received  a luguage-full of Polish food and sweets  from her family. So one Sunday evening  we turned them into salad サラダ night.

Happy House Vitamin Color  Ladies`s Salada Night

Japanese smoked ham and  Salmon cooked with Polish spices by Chef K.   Simply delicious!!

Cucumber Dressing with Japanese yogurt, cucumber and special prickle salt from Poland

A pot-full of salad for 6 and Polish stuffed cookies , Ohagi, and Sakurabo jelly which is a gift from a grandpa at the vegetable shop near polish station at Numabukuro station  : )  If you pass by please stop by for good and fresh vegetable. The shop is small and run by very  kind old couple: )


Food tastes better if you share it with friends. Thank you Nsan and Ksan for turning just another one Sunday evening into  a heart-full lovely night.

With Love!




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Birthday Abroad

Birthdays. Everyone has them. Some of us try and forget them, but most of us do something to mark the occasion. Especially when it’s one of the “big” days, one with a zero.

But what happens when you’ve just arrived in a new country and you don’t have any friends and your family are on the other side of the globe? Who do you celebrate with then?

Welcome to the sometimes-lonely world of the expat  OR celebrate it with housemates at Witt-style Jingu : )

Pham Ngan, an engineering interns from Germany- our newest member at Witt-style Jingu moved in 1 day after her 25th birthday and celebrate Welcome/ Birthday party with Charlotte , housemate from UK.  Thank you our lovely Japanese houses member Kumasan for  her big-heart and hospitality in arrange all these. As it turned out, they had a great evening.

As a person who has been relocated for work every 2 years for the past decade, I know there will be ups and downs as when we move abroad, but occasions – birthdays, Christmas – are often the toughest times. We are happy to see  what people sharing the same house do to mark those special occasions together.  Good things deserve celebrations and when you cerebrate with others, it multiplies the fun and makes it more memorable.

Well, when you are far away you’ll just have to think of something to make up for it. And of course it wont happen alone / on its own. Thank you our lovely houses members for your loving and kindness that making our share house a “home”. And thank you for sharing with us these beautiful moments. .

I’m sure happiness is contagious : ).


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Home- Away From Home

“A house is made of brick and stone. A home is made of love alone.”  The quote we have heard countless times. And to me, the quote always pops to mind on special days especially birthday during past 10 years that I have been mostly working and living abroad. And this years as well only that this year , the feeling was not so bad.

I was born in a family that does not actually pay exceptional attention to festivals or special occasions except for birthdays. But even for birthday we keep it simply; no cake nothing fancy. Just “Happy Birthday” and more food on the dinner table but that was warm enough for our hearts when we really feel connected to our family in our own home.

Growing up, life has taken us to places and kept us away and away from home. Years passed and my birthdays came and went. I thought the first birthday away from home would be the toughest but I realized later ones were even harder. But on the third, the fourth, the fifth, and the sixth year, I learned to fight those wistful emotions. I started to become numb and forget being sentimental. Time made me forget why I would dread spending my birthday alone. Phone calls became text messages and greetings became just one Facebook click away.

And this year when I am here in Japan taking my 1 gap year before going back home for good, I thought it would be just like any other years that I would just let the day pass without anything special just a call to my parents. A simple thing but very special happened. I had one of simplest but warmest parties at my sharehouse Happy House Vitamin Color.

It began in one evening when we have a usual chit chat with the girls at the house and somehow we came up the idea of a small Thai food party and we happened to be free on the day. I did not tell them it was my birthday though and practically no particular plan just a Thai food dinner together. Not all the house members could make it of course but we had a really good time even our former house mate who have moved out join us and little dinner turned to a really lively and warm night in our small living room. And I was surprised with birthday presents from my roommates.

We had a good dinner. I made several Thai curry , spicy salad, spring roll, and Pad Thai.Some of the food was good. Though the spring roll turned to be a mistake. We had a good time and delicious talk about everything and anything. We surprising learned that one of our house mates is a singer of heavy metal band on a side, one is now going to acting school, one is a former model. And we conclude it with Umechu ganpai.

“A house is made of brick and stone. A home is made of love alone.” Thank you for making me “Home” again.



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We Enjoyed the Setsubun Night

One of our international staffs was wondering why supermarkets have suddenly put so many roasted soy beans on the promotion shelves. Then I explained her the reasons:

The Last Day of Winter, “Setsubun” , is on the 3rd of February.
We throw and scatter roasted soy beans inside and outside our houses while saying, “Get goblins out of the house! Invite happiness into the home!” Besides, we eat a long sushi roll all in one go, while we are silently facing towards the year’s “lucky” direction with our eyes closed. Whilst eating, we also make a wish for good health and prosperity of the business. (There is also a myth saying that the sushi roll-eating culture comes from men making prostitutes eat sushi for fun in the Kansai area though. However, it has become popular all over Japan thanks to convenience stores marketing.)

At Happy House Vitamin Color last night, our staff brought home some beans and sushi rolls and enjoy the festive ritual with her housemate.