Tulip Real Estate’s founder Norie Mizutani has created a meet-up group to organize seminars and get-together events for ladies in Tokyo. The group is called Startup Workshops and Supports for Ladies in Tokyo.


The main purpose is to create and encouraging platform for women who would like to startup their own small businesses. Women in Japan face a lot of difficulties in terms of career growth. Norie shares her own experiences in starting a business from scratch, and how to balance her time as a working-mother. Mainly we are focusing in sharing the know-how in the shared house business, but we also organise different kinds of seminars and networking events whenever it is possible.

Follow the link under the picture, and join our meet-up group to get invited to our upcoming events!

**Tulip residents who would like to organise your own meetup on our page, please let us know. We can help you with planning and promoting your event. We can also support you in terms of free venue and etc.**

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