Resident Interview: Ms. M from Niigata, Japan

Ms. M is currently living in our Happy House Kagurazaka shared house. Kagurazaka is known for its Kyoto-like charm with many traditional shops and beautiful streets. Let’s see how she is liking the house and area so far!

Happy House Kagurazaka Dining Room

 Ms. M, What interested you to live in a shared house?

 After graduating from college, I was living alone for a while and it felt a bit lonely overtime. So I started my search for a share house! About three years ago, I viewed many other shared houses, but decided to move here because it was the best choice.

 What do you like about living at Happy House Kagurazaka?

 This area is just amazing. I can go anywhere nearby and find anything I need. In the house, I love that there is a feeling of togetherness. I have a private room, which is quite small but since I am trying to reduce my things, it is just right for me.

Ms. M surprised us with her shamisen skills!

How do you like Kagurazaka?

Kagurazaka is a place I have always wanted live. My work is a little bit far away but when I come home, I just feel at ease. I love to stroll around the neighborhood and it is very easy-living.

Kagurazaka’s music scene

 How do you like to enjoy your days off?

 On Sundays, I take shamisen lessons. I will be performing in a recital soon (Our staff was lucky enough to see Ms. M sing and play the shamisen. It was truly wonderful)! I usually like to eat at the nearby restaurants, walk around, and do yoga…actually maybe don’t really do yoga that often, haha. I enjoy stopping in the local, traditional shops with miscellaneous goods.

What do you enjoy about Tokyo?

 I think there are many people who are active and always on-the-go. There are so many different kinds of people in this city and it is exciting to be a part of Tokyo life.

 Have you had any challenges living in a shared house?

 Not at all, I am very satisfied living in a shared house. When I lived alone, besides at work, some days the only interaction I had was at the convenient store saying, “I don’t need a bag, thank you.” It is really nice to talk about interesting things with the people around me. I can learn so many new things and didn’t realize how much I wasn’t aware of before!

Ms. M’s favorite shop

 Has anything changed for you in any way since living in a shared house?

 In a shared house, my life seems more systematic and smooth. When I lived with my parents, on days off I couldn’t fully chill out. In a shared house, it feels like I’m living a regular life on my own and I believe that is a very nice and important change.

 Have you had any challenges living in a shared house?

 I challenge myself with things like trying not to make noise in the middle of the night and early in the morning, trying to be considerate about shelf and refrigerator space, little things like that.

Strolling in Kagurazaka

 Do you have any future plans?

 For me, life in Tokyo is just too good! But I would like to study abroad if I can. I’d also like to continue reducing the amount of my belongings so I can pick up and move anytime. My current housemates have a plan to stay abroad long-term, so I am excited to keep in touch and talk with them.

 Do you have anything you would like to share with our readers?

If you have recently come to Tokyo and you are not really sure how to get around, together people will help guide you. If you choose to live in a shared house, it is truly wonderful to experience living with others and expanding your experiences!

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