Saladサラダ Night at Happy House Vitamin Color

Our lovely houses members Nsan received  from lots of Japanese smoked ham and salmon and Ksan from Poland received  a luguage-full of Polish food and sweets  from her family. So one Sunday evening  we turned them into salad サラダ night.

Happy House Vitamin Color  Ladies`s Salada Night

Japanese smoked ham and  Salmon cooked with Polish spices by Chef K.   Simply delicious!!

Cucumber Dressing with Japanese yogurt, cucumber and special prickle salt from Poland

A pot-full of salad for 6 and Polish stuffed cookies , Ohagi, and Sakurabo jelly which is a gift from a grandpa at the vegetable shop near polish station at Numabukuro station  : )  If you pass by please stop by for good and fresh vegetable. The shop is small and run by very  kind old couple: )


Food tastes better if you share it with friends. Thank you Nsan and Ksan for turning just another one Sunday evening into  a heart-full lovely night.

With Love!




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