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When you visit the hospital in Japan, the doctor obviously knows what kind of medicine fits to your health issue, whether it is fever, cold, muscle ache, bloating stomach etc. After receiving the prescription, you just go to the pharmacy and you can get the right medicines.
But in the case, you are not interested to visit the doctor and you just want to get the simple over-the-counter medicines, then you need to visit a drugstore. In Japan, most medicines are not obtained from the combini (24-hours stores).

Here is a list of the basic medicines for general illnesses or any other health issues.

Health issues like

  • Headache
  • Throat ache
  • Fever
  • Cold
  • Muscle ache


To help out kanji-challenged expats in Japan (like me), translation and pronunciation of the most useful medicines in Japan are noted. There might be different brands in various drugstores, but these items are common here and easy to find. Hopefully it is useful and easy to understand, since translation camera apps are not always doing their job properly.

The products are explained as:

    • Original Japanese name
    • English name
    • Japanese pronunciation / Japanese name in Roman
    • Function

Medicine in Japan

Medicines in Japan Medicine in Japan 2

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