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To-do-list in Yutenji

Tuuu-tuu-tuuu, for train geeks, Yutenji is probably an interesting area. A train geek opened a train curry restaurant and actually bought an original wheel of the last locomotive C57117. The original wheel is seen in public, not far from Yutenji station. The train restaurant has moved to the north part of Yutenji, but it basically has the same train theme as before.
Funny thing is, you will get your curry meal by a train toy, which goes through the restaurant.

Yutenji is a bit similar as Mishuku and Ikejiri area, since they are all three quiet residential areas, conveniently close to main areas, like Shibuya, Sangenjaya and Nakemeguro. Yutenji is just one train stop further from Nakameguro and is not far from Sangenjaya. So basically these main areas are in walking distance from Yutenji.


Map of Yutenji


Train to Yutenji

Yutenji station is in 2 minutes reachable from Nakanmeguro station by train and 14 minutes on foot, and 18 minutes reachable from Sangenjaya station by bus or 28 minutes on foot. The train which is coming to Yutenji station:

  • Toyoko line

Some historical facts about Yutenji:

  • The name Yutenji is derived from the famous temple, Yutenji temple. In 1723 a Buddhist monk opened this temple dedicated to his master Buddhist monk Yuten.
  • The kept wheel of the locomotive C57117 is made by Mitsubishi in 1939. In 1973 the locomotive went through Japan.


Interesting points about Yutenji

  • There are small good shops spread all over the place. A popular lunch café Torse, is in the middle of a residential area close to Yutenji station, but there is always a line of people waiting before it opens.
  • Yutenji was not a place of trains or locomotives, just the owner of the train curry restaurant is am extreme train fan and made Yutenji a locomotive area.
  • In the end of April, there is the ceremony for firemen at the Yutenji temple, Edo Firemen’s Annual Memorial. This event is a memorial ceremony for fire fighters who sacrificed their life.
  • In mid-July there is the summer children Obon dori festival. Normally people with their Japanese yukata wear, will come and join the obon dance.


For knowing the area a bit better, a map with images:


Facilities and activities in Yutenji

This is about Yutenji in Setagaya-ku, but in walking distance, you can easily continue to Mishuku and Ikejiri. To know more about Mishuku, see our guide map:
To-do-list in Mishuku & Ikejiri

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