Tulip Real Estate Co.,Ltd. is a small housing agency that provides and manages share houses for women. We offer our residents an affordable, safe and comfortable home in the heart of Tokyo.

Our mission is to support independent women who are working to achieve their dreams in this metropolis. Because working and studying in Tokyo can be rather stressful, we try to create a warm home where our tenants can find like-minded companies. Since the opening of our first share house in 2002, we have been working hard at providing ladies with supportive environment to live in. We treat each resident as an individual, and prioritize the harmony within our houses.

Please visit our website, if you are looking for an alternative for your next Tokyo accommodation.

Norie Mizutani, Founder of Tulip Real Estate Co., Ltd. She is supportive company president who idealizes the power of working women in Japan and around the world.
Our small team of Tulip’s friendly staff members at a weekly meeting.

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