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3 Ways to Stay Warm in Japan!

Keep warm Japan

We’re currently still in the depths of winter here in Tokyo and everyone’s feeling the chill! Here’s some distinctly Japanese tips to stay warm while we wait for spring. It’s just around the corner and I can already taste the sakura  Starbucks drink… but until then try some of these out!


  1. Go to an Onsen (Japanese Public Bath)


Keep warm Japan


If you haven’t already visited a Japanese public bath, winter is the best time! If you can get out to the countryside and experience a real onsen, you’ll see a multitude of benefits to your skin and health. And best of all, it warms up your whole body so you won’t feel cold all day!

If you’re currently in an inner city area, there are plenty of onsen-style public baths where you can get the same warming effect. Just remember these bathhouses have strict rules so read up properly before you go!


  1. Eat Nabe


Keep warm Japan


Nabe is Japanese style hot-pot. You can throw pretty much anything in which makes it a handy recipe when you’ve got a fridge full of random bits and pieces. You can even buy a pre-made broth at the supermarket, making this dish idiot-proof! Add ingredients to the simmering pot and once they are cooked, everyone can take their pick and eat from their own bowl. While eating, add more ingredients and the whole process starts again! Unlimited food!

If you’re not confident in your cooking skills, brace going outside in the cold to a restaurant. It’ll be worth it! Here’s a list of cheap restaurants for nabe, some are even all-you-can-eat! Amazing!


  1. Use Self-warming Products


Keep warm Japan


There’s so many to choose from! Cold back? Back pad! Cold hands? Hand warmers! Cold eyes? Heated eye mask!! Seriously, any type of coldness you may have is covered in this wonderful country.

Self-heating bags can be placed inside your pockets to keep your hands toasty while you’re outside. They’re sold in all supermarkets, drugstores and convenience stores, look for something called ‘Kairo’. They’re super cheap and last for up to 20 hours (use them while you wait for that friend who’s always late…). Simply take them out from the plastic bag, shake them a few times and they start to heat up. Technology!


What are your tips for beating the chill? Leave a comment and let us know!

Stay warm, ladies!


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