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Celebrating Birthday in Japan

Birthdays, everyone has them. Some of us try and forget them, but most of us do something to mark the occasion. Especially when it’s one of the “big” days, one with a zero.

But what happens when you’ve just arrived in a new country and you don’t have any friends and your family are on the other side of the globe? Who do you celebrate with then?

Welcome to the sometimes-lonely world of the expat  OR celebrate it with housemates  : )


Pham Ngan, an engineering intern from Germany- our newest member at our sharehouse moved in 1 day after her 25th birthday and celebrate Welcome/ Birthday party with Charlotte, housemate from UK.  Thank you our lovely Japanese houses member Kumasan for  her big-heart and hospitality in arrange all these. As it turned out, they had a great evening.


Birthday abroad


As a person who has been relocated for work every 2 years for the past decade, I know there will be ups and downs as when we move abroad, but occasions – birthdays, Christmas – are often the toughest times. We are happy to see  what people sharing the same house do to mark those special occasions together.  Good things deserve celebrations and when you cerebrate with others, it multiplies the fun and makes it more memorable.

  Birthday abroad 3

Well, when you are far away you’ll just have to think of something to make up for it. And of course it wont happen alone / on its own. Thank you our lovely houses members for your loving and kindness that making our share house a “home”. And thank you for sharing with us these beautiful moments. .

I’m sure happiness is contagious : ).

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