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Life Hack – Different brands of Laundry products

Last time we distinguished different products which are useful for cleaning the clothes, keeping the clothes in good condition and making it easier. For example, the dry sheets which avoid molds and stains on clothes, sheets and futons.

As an expat it is difficult to know which detergent is for what purpose. Also, it is sometimes annoying to use google translation every time and you just take the risk buying one pack of detergent, without knowing what it actually is. I made once a mistake by buying a clothing deodorizer, I actually wanted a laundry cleaning detergent. It is useful to know which bottles and laundry brands are laundry detergents, softeners or deodorizers. This time, it is about different brands of typical laundry cleaning detergents which you can easily find in drugstores in Tokyo. So smaller chance of buying a deodorizer again, bigger chance to find the laundry detergent.

To help out kanji-challenged expats in Japan (like me), here is a  summary of the most useful laundry detergent products in Japan. There might be different brands in various drugstores, but these products (of different brands) are common here. Hopefully it is useful and easy to understand, since translation camera apps are not always doing their job properly.

The products are explained as:

  • Original Japanese name
  • English name
  • Japanese pronunciation / Japanese name in Roman
  • Function
  • Instruction

Enjoy shopping and doing laundry!

Japanese Laundry detergents

Japanese laundry detergents



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