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Life Hack – Pesticides

Hi, this is Staff Y from Tulip Real Estate. As a North European, I haven’t experienced a lot of bugs at home, but since I have moved to Japan, I have come across my first cockroach and my first big rat. In the summer, my whole body needs to be covered with a sprayed layer of insecticide to prevent getting hundreds of mosquito bites.

It was quite new to me, to buy pesticides. The best way is to ask a staff of the drugstore, but if speaking is problematic as well, hmmm…. It might be useful to know about the pesticides in Japan.

To help out kanji-challenged expats in Japan (like me), here is a summary of the most useful pesticides in Japan. There might be different brands in various drugstores, but these products (of different brands) are common here. Hopefully it is useful and easy to understand, since translation camera apps are not always doing their job properly.

The products are explained as:


  • Original Japanese name
  • English name
  • Japanese pronunciation / Japanese name in Roman
  • Function
  • Instruction


Enjoy shopping!

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