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Resident Interview: Cozy Village Jasmine in Shinjuku Nishi-Ochiai

We spoke with Ms. K, a resident at our Cozy Village Jasmine share house located in Shinjuku’s Nishi-Ochiai. The area very relaxed and peaceful but also conveniently close Nakano!


Interview Resident of sharehouse in Ochiai Shinjuku-ku in Tokyo


What interested you to live in a share house

Before living in a share house, I actually lived in a shared space with three friends! One of them moved and it was difficult to find a new person so I decided to move to a share house. Everyone in this share house is pretty busy with work, but when we all come home and hear, “Tadaima!” I feel at ease.


Interview Resident of sharehouse in Ochiai Shinjuku-ku in Tokyo

 How do you like the area around the share house?

 There is a large park in the nearby residential area and it is very peaceful. The house itself is located in the Shinjuku ward, but very close to Nakano so it is very relaxed. Close to the house is a small co-op near the station, a nice gym, pool, and large shopping center. So I have fun shopping and exercising a lot! There is also an osteopathic clinic near here, my coworkers told me about this kind of clinic and it’s helped me a lot.


Interview Resident of sharehouse in Ochiai Shinjuku-ku in TokyoInterview Resident of sharehouse in Ochiai Shinjuku-ku in Tokyo


What do you enjoy doing in Tokyo?

I enjoying wandering around and going shopping in Tokyo! There are so many good options when it comes to finding things to do here. I think it’s easy to meet a lot of interesting people in Tokyo. In my hometown, Ustunomiya, there are mostly just locals. But here you can meet many different people, international people, etc. and that is really exciting for me.


How do you like to spend your days off?

 I love playing futsal (a form of soccer on a hard court) and jogging on my days off. I also like to take walks at the park and seeing the people around me enjoying themselves.


Interview Resident of sharehouse in Ochiai Shinjuku-ku in Tokyo


 Are there any good points you’d like to share about living in a shared house?

 As I’ve mentioned before, it’s so nice to say and hear “I’m home!” I feel at ease to know that I live with others. It is also very fun to talk with the people at the house and having no worries at home! I think that if I lived alone, it would feel kind of lonely coming home, but I don’t have this feeling at all here. Since I started living here, there has been an earthquake, a power outage, heavy rain, and various situations and it is nice to be together with people during these times. Also, I have become friends with the nice woman who runs the bathhouse nearby!


 What is different from living alone and living in a shared house?

 The current residents all come home at different times and it’s is nice to come home and see someone relaxing in the living room and saying “Otsukaresama desu.” If we like the same tv show, we relax in the living room and watch it together! It’s really a chill atmosphere. To live in such a nice space alone feels a bit of a waste, so I’m glad to share with others.


Interview Resident of sharehouse in Ochiai Shinjuku-ku in Tokyo


Is there anything you would like to share with our readers?

 I think that when you live alone, there is a lot of necessary spending that just goes to waste! In a shared house, the common expense is fixed every month and it is very good for saving. When living with people, there really is a sense of security. I definitely recommend it!


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