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To-do-list in Sangenjaya

Sangenjaya is a convenient place to live, because it is close to the center of Tokyo, Shibuya. Many popular facilities in the area and Sangenjaya has grown to a place with many people visiting for shopping and restaurants. In and around Sangenjaya there are a few international educational facilities, from international elementary school to international universities, so it is not surprising that a lot of international families have moved to this area to be closer to the international schools. A smaller Shibuya with a mix of Japanese and international families and younger people, that is actually what you can think about Sangenjaya.

Sangenjaya means san=three, gen=building, ja or cha = tea, ya=shop, basically three tea houses. Nowadays Sangenjaya is better known for hip coffee shops and cafes, but there are some tea shops and tea related cafes, see below for more information.

Sangenjaya map

Sangenjaya station is in 12 minutes reachable from Shibuya station by train. The trains which are coming to Sangenjaya,

  • Den-en-toshi line
  • Tokyo Setagaya line


Some historical facts about Sangenjaya:

  • In the Edo period (1603 – 1867) there were three teahouses to welcome travelers from Tokyo who were going on pilgrimages to the temple in the west.
  • These three teahouses are gone, but one of the teahouses Tanaka-ya transformed to a ceramic tableware and potteries.
  • Sangenjaya changed to an area famous of western soaps and cheap candies and a business orientated location with a lot of bars.


Interesting points about Sangenjaya:

  • There are plenty of coffee stores, tea stores and hamburger restaurants.
  • Also an interesting fact is, there is a yokocho, small bar alley, in Sangenjaya too, it called Sankaku gai. It is mostly crowded of Japanese salary men.
  • There is once in the 2 month a night market, where all the little shops are open.


For knowing the area a bit better, a map with images:

Carrot tower and the view from the top floorTea shop and cafes Cute shops in SangenjayaShops in sangenjaya areaCafe swets in Sangenjaya

Sangenjaya landmarksSangenjaya shop list

Sagenjaya life line map and list

This is about Sangenjaya in Setagaya-ku, but in walking distance, you can easily continue to Mishuku and Ikejiri, before you reach Shibuya. To know more about Mishuku and Ikejiri, see our guide map:
To-do-list of Mishuku & Ikejiri

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