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Top picks of imported grocery store in Tokyo

Looking for imported grocery products? Fret not, we have several stores to choose from that can be found in several areas throughout Tokyo.

KALDI Coffee Farm

First stop is Kaldi Coffee Farm. From its name you can guess it is a specialty store that sells various coffee variant. You can find buy them in beans or sachet form and get a free samples in first hand. Other than coffee products, you can find many food items especially ready to cook, spices, and snacks from all over the world. What’s also exciting is they also added new products periodically. We have our favorite finds namely a few such as Italian pasta sauce, Thai ready to cook spices, and Korean instant noodles.

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Gyomu Super 

Gyomu super products are known to be sold in bulk size, especially in the frozen section. They have fresh produce to beverages. If you find a store near your area, consider yourself lucky if you try to make more savings because people often go for daily groceries. This store is known selling relatively cheaper than other regular supermarket chain. Our personal favorite finds: crinkle cut potato fries, chicken nuggets, and much more.

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Seiji Oishi

You can easily find the store located near the station, some are also a part of Lumine mall. They have quite a wide section are breads and pastries such as ready made waffles, croissant, and muffins. Also different varieties of pasta you can choose from veggies to rice pasta. Premium products from abroad, namely cheese can be found that are rarely sold in a regular supermarket. These cheese are directly imported from famous cheese produce countries such as Italy, Netherlands, and Australia. Our personal favorite finds are Italian/Australian cheese and American cookies.













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