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Tulip Real Estate Co., Ltd.


Tulip Real Estate Co., Ltd. is currently recruiting staff.

Job Description

Planning and management of share houses (guest houses) as well as skill upgrading seminars. Start with a part-time employee position.
You will be hired as a full-time employee if we judge you have sufficient ability to handle the above tasks.

We are searching for people who:

are physically health and strong /
like communicating with other people /
have good communication skills /
can drive a car /
can use PC

Message from President

With the objective of helping women who invest in themselves, we have mainly focused on providing low-cost, clean and convenient housing.

Into the future, we would like to enhance our functions for building women’s communities as well as our ability to sending out useful information.

We are searching for the people who will work enthusiastically with us to achieve our objectives - growing bigger and making significant contributions to the society.

Message from Staff

From low-key works like cleaning and painting the houses to more intellectual works like planning events, this job has a variety of tasks.
There is no time to get bored. We put our heads together and work hard together with an aim to make better share houses. Waiting for you to join our team!

Contact Us

Download the application form below.
Fill the form with necessary information and send it to us. You will be contacted by us shortly.

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Send to: info@tulip-e.com
*attach your application to an e-mail
Fax: 03-6914-7376
*If you are sending your application by fax, please be sure to call us also.