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  • Capacity (max. number of tenants) is described in the detail information of each share house.
    See the details about each share house on (House List & Availability)
  • About the payment of the initial expenses, see Move-in Procedures.

About Viewing

Q. Can I view the share houses any time?
You need to make an appointment in advance for viewing. If you are in a hurry, please call us.
Q. Can you tell me the address of the share house?
For security reasons, we only tell you the address after you submit a formal application.
Q. Can I submit my application without viewing?
If you are reserving from overseas and cannot visit the house before you arrive Tokyo, you can also make online reservation. Please mention that in your inquiry and our staff will email you within two working days.
Q. Can someone else (friends, family members, etc.) view the house instead of me?
No. You need to view the house yourself.
Q. Can I view the house at night?
Viewing is only available from 10:00 till 17:00.
Q. Can I view the houses that have no vacancy?
You can only view the ones that currently have vacancy and also the ones that will have vacancy in the near future.

About Move-in

Q. Can I reserve a room? Can you put me on a waiting list?
Because of the nature of share houses, it is extremely hard to foresee the future vacancies. You cannot reserve a room, but we can put you on a waiting list. If you are on a waiting list, we will notify you when we know there will be a vacancy.
Q. What is included in the initial expenses?
Deposit, the first month rent, utility and fire insurance. (Depending on the move-in date, per diem rent and utility will be charged)
Extra amount will be charged for optional services.
Q. Do I have any requirements for tenants?
You have to be 18 or older. Basically, there is no other requirements.
We only accept the women who can follow all the rules for living in a share house.
Smokers are not accepted.
Q. Currently I’m searching for a job. Will I be accepted?
No problem.
Q. I’m a smoker. Will I be accepted as long as I do not smoke in the house?
To avoid troubles, we do not accept any smokers.
Q. Do you have a screening system?
Yes. We do not disclose our screening criteria.
Q. What is the average length of tenancy?
It varies. Some only live for a month while others live for a few years.
Q. While I live in a share house, can you receive the packages that are delivered to me?
No. You have to receive the packages yourself.
Q. Can I move in immediately after viewing?
You can move in only after you pass our screening.
We do our screening as quickly as possible, but we cannot guarantee the time. You may have to wait for a few days.

About Rental Agreement

Q. Please tell me about the rental agreement.
It is a fixed term rental agreement that will not be renewed. Re-signing of an agreement is possible as long as a tenant and an owner agree to each other. No extra charge for re-signing.
Q. Can I live in a share house for less than a month?
Only tenancy for longer than a month is accepted.
Q. Do I need a guarantor?
No. However, basically you need to tell us your family members’ contact information for emergency use. If you are a foreigner, you can put down the contact info of your friends or relatives in Japan as well as someone in charge at your school or workplace.
Q. How do I pay for the rent?
Pay the next month rent by the 20th of every month through a bank transfer. (Cash and credit card are not accepted.) In case that you move out at the middle of a month, per diem rent and utility will be charged.
Q. What do I need when I make an application or sign an agreement?
Please bring your personal seal (inkan). Also, you need a copy of your identification.
Q. What is included in the common service expenses?
Electricity, gas, water and supplies in common use such as toilet paper, trash bags, detergent for dishes and cleaning.
Basically, the monthly common service expenses are fixed. However, it may be increased in such cases as price raise or excess use.

About Life During Tenancy

Q. Are there any tenants who are foreigners?
There are foreigners in some houses.
Q. What age group most tenants belong to?
Many of them are in their 20’s and 30’s.
Q. Are the houses furnished? How about appliances?
Basic furniture and appliances are furnished. Items differ depending on share houses.
Q. How should I keep valuables?
All the rooms can be individually locked. Dormitories are equipped with security boxes. You must take full responsibility for keeping your belongings and valuables.
Q. Do I need to bring my own bedding?
We recommend that you bring your own futon. We can also purchase a Futon set for you by your request befor yourarrival. A Rental futon is available at 3000 yen per month, if needed. Pleaseask for ditails.
Q. Can I use the Internet for free?
Yes. Free Internet connection is available in each room or dorm.
There are some houses that have a PC in common use. Wired or wireless depends on houses.
Q. Do the houses have curfews?
Q. Is there a set time for lights to be put out at night?
Q. Is there a bike parking?
Some houses have bike parking area. See the details about each share house on House List & Availability.
Q. In a dormitory, using an alarm clock would be a problem?
We ask all the tenants not to use alarm clocks with sound. With consideration for others, we recommend using vibrating alarm clocks.
Q. What kind of rules are set for living in a share house?
  • Smoking in the house and in the premise is prohibited. Use of fire (including candles, incenses, aroma diffusers, etc.) is prohibited anywhere in the house except in the kitchen.
  • Men are not allowed to come into the house.
  • Trashing duty is rotated among all tenants.
  • All the tenants should be considerate to the others who live in the same house. That’s about all.Additional rules may be added without advance notice.
Q. What should I be careful about while living in a share house?
For everyone to live comfortably, we ask all tenants to pay attention to the following.

  • Turn off or down the sound (talking, TV, music, alarm, etc.) during night and early in the morning.
  • Take turn in using facilities and equipments (shower, kitchen, PC, etc.) in common use.
  • Keep the common spaces clean.
Q. Do tenants take turns in cleaning?
Our staff periodically clean the common spaces. All tenants are requested to clean up after themselves.
Q. Can I bring friends or family members to the house?
Yes. But you can bring only women. No men are allowed even if they are your family members.

About Move-out

Q. Can I move out any time?
Yes, you can. However, you have to give us one month’s prior notice.
Q. Will the whole deposit be refunded to me?
Some expenses (handling charges, etc.) will be deducted from the deposit at the time you move out. In case that the tenant caused any breakage, damage or loss in the room and of the fixtures, certain amount may be deducted from the deposit.