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Tulip Real Estate Co., Ltd.

Tulip’s Specialty

Non-refundable deposit, key money, renewal fees and broker's commission.....
"Why do I have to pay so much to rent a room?"
"I want to enjoy my life in Tokyo, but the high rent eats up a large part of my income."
Tulip Real Estate advocates a safe, comfortable and convenient life in Tokyo that women can lead to achieve their future dreams.

Tulip puts importance on the environment where independent women can live comfortably. It is Tulip's mission to support the women who keep making efforts for their own future.

What kind of woman is the director of Tulip Real Estate?

Born in Aichi Prefecture. She grew up as the only child to her parents.
At 18 years old
Entered University of London, College of Art
At 24 years old
Graduated from college with the support of many people. Traveled in Africa and Asia as a backpacker.
At 25 years old
Returned to Japan during an employment "ice age." She managed to get a job at a design company.
At 27 years old
Gave up on becoming a full-fledged designer and left the company. She got married and led the life of a full-time housewife. Acquired a real estate license.
At 29 to 32 years old
Worked in a major real estate company in charge of selling mortgage financing and management of high class rental properties. Enjoyed a typical life of a company woman.
At 32 years old
Got pregnant. Left the job since the company did not have maternity leave system. Wanting to have multiple children, she decided not to return to the life of a company worker. To realize an environment where she could work at her own pace even after having her first daughter, she established Tulip Real Estate Co., Ltd..
At 35 years old
She had her first son.

Ms. Mizutani’s beloved vehicle.
She goes around by this bicycle.
Basically, Tulips staff members also use bicycles for transportation.