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Free tour I : Earthquake disaster center

Earthquake disaster center_1

Do you know this Earthquake center in Odaiba? Experience the Tokyo earthquake in a remake Tokyo city with after shocks and learn at the evacuation center. It called: Sona Area Tokyo – Disaster Prevention Experience Learning Facility.

And it is free!


On the 1st floor of the center, there is the Disaster Prevention Zone. You will experience the earthquake of an magnitude of 7.3 and the visitor needs to survive by her/himself while answering questions. What to do during a big earthquake?

Earthquake disaster center_1F


On the 2nd floor, it is the Learning Zone. Like a museum, you will be informed by display- items, Project mapping and panels. How to prepare for a big earthquake and how to survive a big earthquake?

Earthquake disaster center_2F


Earthquake disaster center_2

Earthquake disaster center_3



Beside of these two facilities for free, everybody is also welcome to their roof garden and also to their BBQ garden. Although the BBQ garden cost 1,000 yen per person to rent the table-chair set and the BBQ equipment.

Odaiba BBQ

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