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Top list of Street foods in Togoshi-Ginza Shopping Street

Are you one of those foodies that are adventurous to try new foods? Then you should consider staying at one of our share house is located just at the end of the Togoshi Ginza’s shopping street. It is a less touristy area and has a friendly neighborhood feel.


The street is a 1,3km wide long street that sells numerous of delicious street foods. Without further a do, let’s dive into the recommended foods!

Our recommendations are:

  1. Nakamura Tadashi Shoten, Potato croquette
  2. Goto Kamabokoten, Oden croquette
  3. Pan no Harimaya, bread
  4. Henteco, cute cookies
  5. Floresta, cute donuts
  6. Nakatsu Karaage Kei, karaage
  7. Omedo Taiyaki-hompo
  8. Togoshi ya Onigiri
  9. Unagi imo store. This shop serve soft ice cream, with sweet potato flavor.

Image source: Time Out Tokyo


They even have an official website for the list shops along the street .

Not only it sells street foods, the area is also convenient to live by since it has many kinds of shops to suit your needs.

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Please feel free to contact us.


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