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Navigating Setagaya City

Setagaya is a city that is included in the special wards of Tokyo. Some of the Tulip share houses are located in Setagaya City. We will navigate and guide you through what Setagaya area has to offer. If you are residing short term stay, this area might be a good choice to live. It is a suburban area and residential area, but have easy access towards the popular places in and out of Setagaya, namely Shinjuku, Shibuya and the Tokyo central.
Our must general visit in Setagaya Ward includes:
– Setagaya City Hall
This is an obvious visit to register your address, you can access it fairly easy if you stay in one of our share houses.
– Komazawa Olympic Park
– Kinuta Park
– Shimokitazawa, vintage street
– Setagaya Literary Museum
– Gotokuji temple
– Futakotamagawa

If you have some favorite anime, you can find something to look for.
For instance, if you love Ghibli Studio, why not visit the Shirohige’s cream puff that have Totoro’s character cream puff.

Stay tuned for more interesting and quite unknown places!

Please feel free to contact us.

Please feel free to contact us.


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