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Nakano in Bloom

Nakano Sakura


Our house member at our sharehouse  in Nakano has decided that there was no better time to celebrate the season than last weekend 1-3 April, Sakura Festival at Nakano Dori.  After all, what could be more healing than gathering with friends under the beautiful flowers that pop up throughout Japan from late March through early April?

People unfamiliar with Japanese culture might wonder why all the fuss over some flowers.

“Hanami is in our DNA.” said Norie Mizutani our Director at Tulip Real Estate Co., Ltd.       “It`s not just viewing the flowers.  There is a lot more meaning underneath it.”

She explained that for most Japanese, hanami is a meaningful gathering that allows them to reconnect and come together socially with family and friends.

To me I feel the notion of “Do not take our daily life for granted-seize the day and appreciate the beauty that surrounds us  at its best.”


Nakano Sakura Nakano in bloom cherry blossoms


The spirit of hanami — people coming together to appreciate nature — was still alive and well in Nakano


Nakano in bloom

And the manner in which the season allowed people to gather and heal spoke volumes to me about how the Japanese can come together in times of great adversity. Like the flowers in bloom, it was an encouraging sight.


Nakano in bloom cherry blossoms


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