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To-do-list in Koenji

If you like hipster vibe, vintage fashion, music life houses and temples, this is the place to visit or to live! Koenji is the big brother or sister of Shimokitazawa, similar character but more matured. Artists, musicians and drinking & eating millennials are hanging around day and night. During day time, they sit in coffee cafes and shop in vintage stores and when it becomes darker, the restaurants and bars are alive. 

Trains in Koenji:

Koenji station is in 6 minutes reachable from Ikebukuro station by train, 20 minutes reachable from Nakano station by bus. The trains which are coming to Ekoda station

  • Chuo line
  • Chuo Sobu line


Some historical facts about Koenji:

  • Koenji started to develop from 1950ies. Before that, it was a resting place with a lot of temples and shrines. The ‘ji’ of the name Koenji means temple.
  • In 1957 one of the biggest summer festival in Tokyo started in Koenji. It called Awaodori festival. Thousands of dancers dance their local traditional Japanese dance routine and with their own traditional clothing.
  • In 1970ies Koenji was the place for Tokyo Punk. Still this music culture is alive in Koenji.


Interesting points about Koenji:

  • The music vibe is still in Koenji. A lot of basement life music bars or shops, like bookstore, with life music on certain event day.
  • Also an interesting fact is, there are plenty of the best vintage clothing stores.
  • Awaodori festival is one of the biggest festivals in Tokyo. It is so big, that the streets are full packed with locals and visitors. Sometimes hard to find a good spot to watch the dance performances. Amazing Japanese vibe in August.


For knowing the area a bit better, a map with images:

For more details about certain themes in Koenji, there is one of our pages telling more about Koenji. It describes about the second hand shops and music record shops:
Why Koenji is an awesome place?

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