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Where’s the best place to see Sakura away from the crowd?

According to the cherry blossom forecast, the blossoms have started blooming in Tokyo. The best moment is around March 25th, 2021!!!

We listed some Sakura spots close to our sharehouses.

Sakura opening days


For sharehouseWitt-Style Clover
A big park in Nerima ward with a lot of cherry blossoms. Hikarigaoka Park  in Nerima ward.

Sakura in HIkarigaoka

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For sharehouse Happy House Kamikitazawa & Okura House
A popular spot for locals and less for tourists, it is the Wadabori park in Suginami ward. Big cherry blossom trees along the Zenpukuji river.

sakura wadabori

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For Happy House Orange, Vitamin Color and Asian
Nakano has a lot of Cherry Blossoms and not specifically in parks. Nakano dori is full of cherry blossoms.

Sakura along Nakanodori[Post Credit]

For Witt-Style Nakameguro and Witt-Style Mishuku
One of the most popular spot to see sakura is in Nakameguro, along the Nakameguro river. It might be less busy compare to the previous years, but probably it is better to skip to go there for this year. In Setagaya ward, there is a park called Kinuta Park, which has about 930 cherry blossoms blooming.

Sakura in Kinuta park[Post Credit]

For Happy House Kagurazaka & Chilli Pepper and Cream
PersonallyI went to Iidabashi area in 2019, it was not super crowded along the Kanda river, so probably there won’t be many people walking this year. It is beautiful though.

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