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Moving in Japan either moving in or moving out is expensive. As most rental places in Japan require that you vacate the room when you move out and the room will be completely empty when you move in despite the very complicated , time consuming  process for throwing away the garbage and the fact that most people in Tokyo  don’t have easy access to a car. People very often end up paying large sum of money to get rid of good appliances, furniture and other equipment in their old place  and spend another big amount buying in new stuff upon moving in another place.  Unfortunately, some people either can’t afford or don’t want to pay for disposing fees, so unwanted appliances (sometimes containing toxic components) often end up dumped in scrub on the borders of urban areas. And even though they manage to pay up and  properly dispose many perfectly good and functioning  appliances and furniture end up being nothing but a land fill.


In big city like Tokyo where people move in and move out of somewhere all the time,  with a little more efforts we can avoid these tragic cycle and be more friendly to the earth by making the most in stead of disposing of our limited resources. Let`s give and share. Let’s care and adopt.  You are not only saving your own money but also the innocent polar bears. The world  is getting hotter and hotter. Let`s recycle. And here are the list of How to Get Freebies When You Move in  and Giveaway or Sell Stuff When You Move Out.


Facebook Groups

There are a number of groups on Facebook (all closed) for people looking to recycle, exchange or sell their used goods. You just need to click to ask to join the group and the admin will roughly look in you profile page just to check if there is any post that shows that you are actually living in Japan. Then you should be accepted withing a few days at most.  Make sure you read the rules for each before joining and posting your stuff.


There are also some Facebook groups that is  for both giving away , and also for sale / buy cheap second hand stuffs ;


Tokyo Freecycle

Freecycling is a system popular around the world which encourages people to gift usable items to anyone who wants them. In Tokyo this happens through a Yahoo! Groups mailing list.  Members send emails to the list either offering items or asking for items. Everything offered must be completely free—although if you want something, you’ll probably have to pay for the shipping.   Typically there are 3 to 4 posts per day, but occasionally, the rejects from a sayonara saleare put on the list and there can be a flood of good items available for free.





Gaijin/Foreigner Community website

Many  foreigner community websites also have a page  where you can post the item you want to giveaway or what you want to sell or what you are in search of.




Tulip Real Estate Co., Ltd. places importance on the creating the environment where independent women can live comfortably.  It is our mission to support the women who keep making efforts for their own future. We advocates a safe, comfortable and convenient yet affordable life in Tokyo so that women can save up and afford to invest in themselves and achieve their future dreams. That is the reason

why we remove the unnecessary expense/customs such as; non-refundable deposit, key money, renewal fees and broker’s commission.etc.

We hope this article will be another way to help women not only save up wisely but another step to be more friendly and responsible to our environment.

With love and care

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