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We offer a wide variety of share houses (guest houses) for women of all ages and occupations.
Some houses have tenants from overseas. Each house has different characteristics and features.
See detail on House List & Availability

Moving from one share house to another is possible at a nominal fee as long
as the houses are managed by Tulip Real Estate. (Excluding general rental properties)

2017 08/23 Lasr Update

Shibuya,Meguro Area

  • Rent ¥60,000〜¥78,000

    This shared house offers 6 private rooms furnished in a simple, neo-industrial style.

    6-min.walk to Yūtenji Station on the Tōkyū Tōyoko Line

    ■Private Room Available Now 1 ■Dormitory Available Now
    Available Soon 2 Available Soon
    • 見学希望申し込み
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  • Rent ¥43,000~¥49,000

    At this relaxing share house, you can live in Tokyo without the crowds, noise, and high prices and have a comfortable and affordable lifestyle.

    9-min.walk from Kamikitazawa Sta. (Keio Line)

    ■Private Room Available Now 2 ■Dormitory Available Now
    Available Soon 0 Available Soon
    • 見学希望申し込み
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  • 005.Witt-style Mishuku


    Rent ¥47,000〜¥52,000

    Private rooms are furnished with hand-made wooden furniture. Simple but detail-oriented design.

    10-min.walk from Ikejiri-Ohasi Sta. (Tokyu Denen Toshi Line)

    ■Private Room Available Now 4 ■Dormitory Available Now
    Available Soon Available Soon
    • 見学希望申し込み
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    Rent ¥35,000〜¥61,000

    Newly opened Okura House is conveniently located just a 5-minute walk from Sakurajosui Station. This share house is incredibly spacious and includes a large living room, two kitchens, a wide balcony, and a colorful garden to enjoy on a sunny afternoon. Equipped with a large storage room that looks straight out of a stylish bar, residents can use it to store large items. Enjoy living in a spacious house in central Tokyo and have great access to Shinjuku, just one straight train ride away.

    5-min.walk to Sakurajosui Station on the Keio Line.

    ■Private Room Available Now 2 ■Dormitory Available Now
    Available Soon Available Soon
    • 見学希望申し込み
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