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In the country where I was been raised, there is a choice of joint child custody or sole child custody, when there is divorcement and children involved. But do you know in Japan, there is no joint child custody?!

Joint child custody means both parents have the legal authority to raise the child, while being divorced.

Sole child custody means one parent has the right to raise the child alone.

child custody

So basically, after divorcement in Japan, one parent has the full child custody. If that parent is flexible, the parent can negotiate with the other partner about raising the children together. Mostly, it is about financial support. Since, in Japan there is sole child custody and child abduction is not a crime, child abduction happens quite often. For example, the story of the Frenchman, who is not able to contact his own children anymore, since the Japanese ex-wife got the full custody and left suddenly with the children. Therefore he did a hunger strike in July, 2021. This raises some questions. Of course there are pros and cons for the divorced couple and the child. One example of pro joint child custody, the child gets love and care from both of its parents and vice versa. But one of the cons is if the parents don’t get along with each other, there will be a lot of frustration and hate around the child, which has negative impact on everybody.

Child costody

To have at least a choice between joint child custody and sole child custody in Japan, would be nicer. But what do you think about sole child custody (in Japan)? And do you understand about parents abducting their children, in the sake of own will, her and children’s safety, avoiding more fights etc.?

Child custody in Japan


Child custody in Japan

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