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There is an interesting story about the Nakamura Yukaku area in Nagoya. It was the red light district with geisha look-a-like women, before 1872 and between 1956 and 1958. Tokugawa Ieyasu gave permission to have a Red light district around the Nagoya castle in 1610, since many men start to visit the castle after a long trip to Nagoya.

Yukaku bird's-eyes view

From 1958 prostitution hasn’t been allowed anymore and Nakamura Yukaku has changed to an area with soap lands, restaurants, shops and residence. Soap land is a modern prostitution center slash public bathhouse.
Currently, there are still many traditional buildings from that red light district period, which are extremely interesting to see.


I visited a soba restaurant (built in Taisho period 1912~1926) in this old brothel district. This building is interesting, since it a huge building with courtyards and Japanese gardens in between and it was use to as a prostitution center. A long time ago, it was used for 1 purpose (a prostitution center), right now there are several facilities and separations. It doesn’t look anymore like as an ‘Inamoto ro’ (one whole traditional building). The Soba restaurant is just 1 small part of the ‘Inamoto ro’. You can experiencing the traditional style of architecture and eating nice soba. The name of the restaurant called Soba Itou and the address is 13 Daimoncho Nakamura Ward Nagoya Aichi.

Yukaku patio 100% backweat noodlesConverted Yukaku soba resutaurant

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