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When you go to a Japanese hospital, doctors obviously know what medicines are right for your health problems, such as fever, cold, muscle aches and stomach bloating. After receiving the prescription, you just go to the pharmacy and you can get the correct medicine.
But in that case, you’re not interested in visiting a doctor, you just want to get a simple over-the-counter drug, then you need to visit the drug store. In Japan, most medicines are not available at convenience stores (open 24 hours).


Here is a list of basic medicines for common ailments and other health problems.

Health problems:


To help foreigners (like me) who challenge Japanese kanji, translations and pronunciations of the most useful medicines in Japan are being looked at. Different drugstores may have different brands, but these items are common and easy to find. Hopefully, it’s useful and easy to understand because translation camera apps don’t always do the job properly.


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Japanese medicine drugstore


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