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Have you seen some fish flags hanging outside these days?
It means, Children’s Day (or Boy’s Day) is coming soon.




Here are some iconic items for Children’ Day:
– Carper Fish flags: normally in the order from Black (father), Red (mother), Blue (first son), green (second son) etc.
– Newspaper/Paper Samurai Origami Helmets and swords
– Décor Helmet
– Kashiwa Mochi: rice cakes folded in oak leaves
– Iris Flowers


In Japan, this event is for children and parents, but for people who don’t have children, it could be interesting to explore Japanese culture. In some events in Japan, there are many Carper flags (Koinobori) in a row, which is impressive and very instagrammable. Worth it to visit.
– Tokyo Tower, Tokyo 333 floating fishes
– Tsuruudagawa River, Gunma 5200 floating fishes over the river
– Hakawa, Kochi Laying paper fishes in water
– Shimojo, Kumamoto 3500 floating fishes over the river




Samurai armor

Also, you can try to fold the typical Helmet origami and to make the Kashiwa mochi. This is more the safe way, since the third emergency declaration is announced on 2021 April 25th.


Kashiwa Mochi recipe:

Kabuto Helmet origami manual:

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