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Fancy a change from modern Tokyo?  Try a walk through Sugamo’s Jizo Dori AKA  Obasan`s Gai or Takeshita Dori—for your grandma. Though it will take a few decades for you to fit in the area, you will find it one of Tokyo`s most interesting shopping streets.

Sugamo flea market


The Jizo Dori is approximately 1km in length, the shopping arcade has over 200 shops specializing in all goods for the silver- haired generation. You’ll find comfy shoes, senior fashion boutiques. Sugamo also houses exquisite traditional food—Japanese confectionaries, rice crackers, green tea and cooking ingredients. Samples of traditional sweets and savories abound. If Harajuku is famous for crepe–It`s shio-daifuku—rice balls with sweet red bean paste and a sprinkle of salt for Sugamo.


Sugamo flea market 2


Bowsan , our resident at Witt-style Apricot Terrace recommends the best time to visit is on a date ending in 4 (i.e., the 4th, 14th and 24th) when Jizo Dori bustles with even more stalls and a flea market takes place at the end of the street. Here are some pictures she shared with us.


Sugamo flea market 5

May be see you next month , May 4th?


Sugamo flea market mario




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