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Shinjuku, Nakano and Koenji have started to be popular and in between these areas. You have a Showa-style neighborhood called Numabukuro. This neighborhood is not that popular, but it has a lot of opportunity to become more popular, since it is so convenient to go to Shinjuku, Nakano and Koenji. Currently, the train stations Numabukuro, Araiyakushimae and Nogata are in renovation. That might be a starting point of urban growth. The character of Araiyakushimae and Numabukuro areas is quite noticable. Showa style was developed in the Showa period (1926 ~ 1989)  


Numabukuro map




Numabukuro station and Araiyakushimae station are in 12 minutes reachable from Shinjuku station by train. And Nakano station is not far too. It is 5 minutes by bus and 20 minutes, when you go on foot.


Historical Facts


Some historical facts about Numabukuro and Araiyakushimae:


Interesting points


Interesting points about Numabukuro and Araiyakushimae:

For knowing the area a bit better, a map with images:


Numabukuro activities



This is about Numabukuro and Araiyakushimae, but not from here, Nakano is situated. To know more about Nakano, see our guide map:
To-do-list in Nakano


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