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Roppongi is well known of endless entertainment night life with an international vibe.

If you look back, how Roppongi developed, it is not a surprise it has turned to this international night life hub. Roppongi was an American military base, shortly after the world wars and the Americans created their entertainment facilities to enjoy during their free time. The bars and clubs were introduced too. Ever since, more and more international bars and restaurants have come.

But don’t forget, during day time Roppongi has many entertainment as well! Roppongi is an art hub, with 4 big museums (Roppongi Mori museum, National Art museum, Suntory museum and 2121 Design museum) and lots of galleries. They call it the Roppongi Art Triangle. Beside of the art facilities, Roppongi has a lot of shopping centers with great unique shops and restaurants. No any plans in daytime, no worries there are many things to watch in Roppongi.


Map Roppongi


Roppongi station is in the center of Tokyo, it is easy access almost anywhere in Tokyo. Shibuya is reachable in 10 min. Tokyo station in 15 min. and Shinagawa in 21 min. The trains which are coming to Roppongi station and Roppongi Itchome station.

  • Namboku line
  • Oedo line
  • Hibiya line

Some historical facts about Roppongi

  • Roppongi means 6 main trees. It is still a mystery how the name came from, but the rumors are, either the name came from the 6 large trees which were the landmarks of the area, or there were 6 lords staying in this area, who coincidentally have this kanji 木 (tree) in their names.
  • Can you imagine, Roppongi was just a piece of empty land, a bit outside of old Tokyo?
  • Roppongi started to develop when it started to be a base camp for Japanese soldiers in 1890. Later on after the Second World War the American Military base moved to Roppongi.

Interesting points about Roppongi

  • Roppongi is well known for bars and clubs, but there are also other kind of entertainment. There are theaters and dance shows. Burlesque shows and theater are here too. Also if you would like to do salsa, here is the place!
  • As an art lover, it is nice to be in a hub with more art related spots. Roppongi has started to be an art and culture hub, starting with the big museums around Roppongi station and now with small galleries around it.
  • Every year there is a huge art event in Roppongi, called Roppongi Art Night. A lot of performances and art pieces outside at night and museums and galleries are open too.

For knowing the area a bit better, a map with images:



To know more local places to visit in Roppongi, our reviews are interesting to read too. Alex from sharehouse Roppongi tells her story of the neighborhood:
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