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To-do-list in Kamikitazawa & Sakurajosui

When you walk around Kamikitazawa area and its neighbor Sakurajosui, there is one thing you will notice specifically. These areas have a lot of small green pockets, wonderful gardens and parks around. There is a long narrow Public garden between houses, it called Tamagawa Josui Second Park. It is a part of the 2000-meter waterway Tamagawa Josui, which was created in the Edo period to supply drink water to Edo town (Tokyo city). That canal had transformed to a park, which is lovely and beautiful, especially during spring time.


About 20 minutes on foot from Kamikitazawa station, there is a park called Roka Koshu-en Garden. This is a designated cultural heritage site, and the most unique part of this public garden is the original Japanese-style house from Tokutomi Roka (a Japanese famous author) and the high bamboos. Beside of these two parks, you have Shogun Pond Park and Koshinomiya park in walking distance. And there is a small temple (Mitsuzoin) which its architecture is interesting. You can tell this residential area is good for a walk or a run.



Kamikitazawa and Sakurajosui stations are in 13 minutes reachable from Shinjuku station by train and Fuji mountain and Yomiuri theme park are reachable too from these two stations. The train which is coming to Kamikitazawa station and Sakurajosui station.
– Keio line


Some historical facts about Kamikitazawa
– Kamikitazawa started to develop when the station Kamikitazawa opened, which happened in 1913. So it has been residential for a long time, but it is developing more and more, since more people prefer living outside of the city center.


Interesting points about Kamikitazawa
– A lot of green and low built houses. Nature-friendly and peaceful area
– Some owners of hybrid café & shop like Kepo Bagel, Okaz design and Megane Coffee, started with their unique business because of their passion. Passion for design, food and coffee.


For knowing the area a bit better, a map with images:







To know more personal opinion of Kamikitazawa our reviews are interesting to read too. Edith from sharehouse Kamikitazawa tells her story of the neighborhood:
Resident Interview Happy House Kamikitazawa with Edith

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