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幅広い年齢層や様々なキャリアの方に向けたシェアハウス (ゲストハウス) をご用意。
お料理上手が喜ぶハウスなど様々なスタイルのシェアハウス (ゲストハウス) がございます。


2017年08月19日 現在

Recommendation for Japanese Language Learners

  • 048.Cozy Village Setagaya

    Wakabayashi 4-chome, Setagaya, Tokyo

    賃料 42,000円~

    A share house with private rooms located in the lovely neighborhood of Setagaya. The neighborhood has sophisticated shopping area and convenient access to Sangenjaya and Shibuya.

    3-min. walk from Shoin Jinja Mae Sta. , 5-min walk from Setagaya Station

    ■個室 現在空室 0 ■ドミトリー 現在空室 ×
    空室予定 0 空室予定 ×
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  • 045.Chillipepper and Cream Nagoyaeki

    Nakamura Ward, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture

    賃料 ¥41,000~48,000

    Tulip Real Estate opens a women-only share house near Nagoya Station!

    10 minutes walk from Nagoya Station on each line 5 minutes walk from Nakamura Ward Office Station on the Municipal Subway Sakuradori Line

    ■個室 現在空室 2 ■ドミトリー 現在空室
    空室予定 0 空室予定
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  • 賃料 ¥47,000〜¥79,000

    A women-only share house located in the valley of Roppongi's skyscrapers.

    3-min.walk to Roppongi-itchome Station. on the Nanboku Line, 10-min.walk to Roppongi Station on the Oedo Line.

    ■個室 現在空室 1 ■ドミトリー 現在空室 0
    空室予定 2 空室予定 0
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  • 028.Chilli Pepper and Cream

    Iidabashi (Kagurazaka)

    賃料 ¥75,000〜¥86,000

    Conveniently located only a 1-minute walk from Iidabashi Station.

    3 minutes walk from Iidabashi station, 8 minutes walk from Kagurazaka station

    ■個室 現在空室 0 ■ドミトリー 現在空室 ×
    空室予定 0 空室予定 ×
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  • 賃料 ¥38,000〜¥59,000

    The popular Kagurazaka, a stylish town, is fun just by walking. Located a 5-minute walk from Kagurazaka Station.

    5-min.walk from Kagurazaka Sta. (Tokyo Metro Tozai Line) 8-min.walk from Edogawabashi Sta. (Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line)

    ■個室 現在空室 0 ■ドミトリー 現在空室 0
    空室予定 0 空室予定 0
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  • 賃料 ¥44,000〜¥52,000

    Happy House Orange is located just 8-minutes from Nakano Station, providing great access to all things central Tokyo has to offer right in the neighborhood.

    8-min.walk to Nakano Sta. (JR & Tokyo Metro Tozai Line)

    ■個室 現在空室 2 ■ドミトリー 現在空室
    空室予定 1 空室予定
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  • 賃料 49000~57000

    Relax house in the city center

    8-min.walk to Sugamo Sta. (JR & Toei Mita Line), 5-min. to Kousinzuka Sta. (Toei Arakawa Line)

    ■個室 現在空室 2 ■ドミトリー 現在空室 ×
    空室予定 1 空室予定 ×
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  • 賃料 ¥25,000~¥49,000

    A location with plenty of downtown atmosphere, one step behind the Arai Yakushi shopping street.

    0-min.walk from Nakano Sta. (JR Chuo & Sobu Line), 10-min.walk from Araiyakushimae Sta. (Seibu Shinjuku Line)

    ■個室 現在空室 0 ■ドミトリー 現在空室 2
    空室予定 1 空室予定 0
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