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幅広い年齢層や様々なキャリアの方に向けたシェアハウス (ゲストハウス) をご用意。
お料理上手が喜ぶハウスなど様々なスタイルのシェアハウス (ゲストハウス) がございます。


2017年08月19日 現在

Rent Less Than 50,000

  • 048.Cozy Village Setagaya

    Wakabayashi 4-chome, Setagaya, Tokyo

    賃料 42,000円~

    A share house with private rooms located in the lovely neighborhood of Setagaya. The neighborhood has sophisticated shopping area and convenient access to Sangenjaya and Shibuya.

    3-min. walk from Shoin Jinja Mae Sta. , 5-min walk from Setagaya Station

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    空室予定 1 空室予定 ×
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  • 047.Palm Tree House


    賃料 ¥46,000 ~ ¥54,000

    A house located near Shinjuku, Nakano and Koenji, a neighborhood called Numabukuro. This house has an industrial atmosphere in the common area and nice clean private rooms. The common area of the house is a spacious dining area so you can enjoy your time with friends and other residents. If you need to work during your stay here, there is also a desk in the room available for you to use. We offer fourteen private rooms. All of these rooms are very clean and spacious.

    8 mins walk to Numabukuro Station (Shinjuku line), 15 mins walk to Ochiai-minami-nagasaki Sta. (Oedo line), 12 mins by local train to Shinjuku Station. Numabukuro station and Araiyakushimae station are in 12 minutes reachable from Shinjuku station by train. And Nakano station is not far too. It is 5 minutes by bus and 20 minutes, when you go on foot. Seibu Shinjuku line Bus 27 to Nakano station Bus 92 to Nerima station Bus 11 to Ikebukuro station

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  • 045.Chillipepper and Cream Nagoyaeki

    Nakamura Ward, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture

    賃料 ¥41,000~48,000

    Tulip Real Estate opens a women-only share house near Nagoya Station!

    10 minutes walk from Nagoya Station on each line 5 minutes walk from Nakamura Ward Office Station on the Municipal Subway Sakuradori Line

    ■個室 現在空室 1 ■ドミトリー 現在空室
    空室予定 1 空室予定
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  • 賃料 ¥38,000〜¥59,000

    The popular Kagurazaka, a stylish town, is fun just by walking. Located a 5-minute walk from Kagurazaka Station.

    5-min.walk from Kagurazaka Sta. (Tokyo Metro Tozai Line) 8-min.walk from Edogawabashi Sta. (Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line)

    ■個室 現在空室 0 ■ドミトリー 現在空室 0
    空室予定 1 空室予定 0
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  • 賃料 ¥25,000~¥49,000

    A location with plenty of downtown atmosphere, one step behind the Arai Yakushi shopping street.

    0-min.walk from Nakano Sta. (JR Chuo & Sobu Line), 10-min.walk from Araiyakushimae Sta. (Seibu Shinjuku Line)

    ■個室 現在空室 1 ■ドミトリー 現在空室 0
    空室予定 0 空室予定 2
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